27th street

The 27th street connects the east and west side of the city and is one of the few places to cross the Naismith creek.

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City Hall Meeting, May 12 2015

What can you do?

Traffic on 27th street

A request for traffic calming from the Indian Hills Neighborhood Association was brought before the Traffic Safety Commission and approved in December 2012 and brought before and approved by the City Commission January 2013. This took place almost one year before the beginning of the South Lawrence Traffic Way project (Nov 2013) and almost 2 years before the 31st Street closure and the simultaneous 23rd Street heavy construction. These projects and road closures diverted a significant amount of through traffic down 27th Street, our residential neighborhoods.

Despite the fact that concerns were voiced by the members of the Indian Hills Neighborhood Association and agreed upon by both the Traffic Safety Commission and the Lawrence City Commission there was no action taken by the City to allocate funds for traffic calming prior to other projects that magnified the already existing and agreed upon safety concerns.

The Indian Hills Neighborhood is home to Naismith Park, as well as a school crossing and school zone for Broken Arrow Elementary and South Middle School. The failure to apply the previously agreed upon traffic calming measures and the increase in traffic due to local construction has created an unsafe environment for our resident’s children and families.

We request that the city review and approve funding of projects for 2016 that funding be allocated the already approved traffic calming measures for 27th Street, ensuring the safety of our residents.

We also ask the city that as it develops a new 5 Year Plan for the City that they take the opportunity to identify any potential increase to 27th Street traffic and Louisiana Street traffic and how the safety of the neighborhood residents will be ensured. Included in this discussion should be recognition of the parks and schools that families and children enjoy through the use of 27th Street and Louisiana.

Our neighborhood has been challenged by this traffic. Residents feel overlooked and neglected and it is the responsibility of the city Commission to ensure that there are legitimate actions taken to repair the damage that has been done and to fulfill the previously agreed upon measures.

Past Events

We had a meeting on April 22 to discuss the problems.

We have a survey here for people to rank the importance of some proposed reliefs